The War of the Bastard was a brief but decisive conflict during the Tyranny of the Barons, lasting from 1314-15, ending the rule of Adoxus II of the House of Traquair. Terbaux de Mauvipom, 2nd Earl of Schiehaddie, whose father Robaix was the illegitimate son of Turbo III, laid claim to the throne as soon as he had succeeded to the Earldom aged 35. It is particularly notable because in prosecuting the war, Terbaux called for representatives of nobles, knights, and commoners to be elected by their peers and assemble in a Parliament in Schiehaddie to advise him on affairs of state. This parliament survived throughout his four year reign, and has often been declared an antecedent of modern representative democracy.

Exhausted after the long and bitter War of the Forty Families, the royal forces and their noble allies were driven repeatedly from the battlefield by Terbaux, who proved himself to be a charismatic leader and a shrewd tactician. After taking Emporium in a matter of days, Terbaux executed Adoxus II as a traitor, and became King Turbo IV.

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