The Trade Union Act 2011 was an Act passed by the Transitional Parliament. Introduced by New Republican Party member Tom Jobling, it was passed with significant NRP support.

The Act repeals Tiervan-era restrictions on industrial organisation, and introduces a ballot for all direct industrial action. The Act enabled the formation of OCTU.

Full Text of the Act Edit


A bill to grant legal acceptance and extend the rights of Trade Unions to strike and take other forms of direct action in order to represent and bring benefit to their members.

Article I Edit

All restrictions on the rights of trade unions to act on behalf of their members that were enacted prior to the revolution are hereby repealed.

Article II Edit

Trade unions should have the rights to strike and take action on behalf of their members on any issue that is of importance to their members.

Article III Edit

The only restriction to the rights of unions is that all proposals for direct action be subject to a ballot of their members, subject to a simple majority with no threshold.

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