The Motto: Auctus ad mare ius donatEdit

Literally meaning "growth gives laws to the sea", the motto of Oceana was imagined by the Cynopean Euan Loarridge and was swiftly adopted by the people after the revolution. It encapsulates the hope, honour and pride of the Oceanan people and indeed the counry itself. It has become one of the most important sentiments in the people's lives and is a driving force for the progression of the nation.

Oceana Coat of ArmsEdit


Oceana Coat of Arms

The most potent symbol of the Republic of Oceana, the Coat of Arms displays everything that makes and shapes the nation as is is today.

Created by Nora Piisku, by commission of the revolution leaders, it was aimed towards a true representaion of the new Republic.

The Scales of Justice and the strong Anchor images present as visual representations of the national motto, sitting as they do in the deep blue of the ocean. Meanwhile the two great crops of Wheat and Vines testify to the growth of the world in the rich gold of the land. All the while, the great eagle watches resplendently over all, with its keen eye ensuring balance and yet also freedom from oppression and darkness.

The Flags of OceanaEdit

The flag of Oceana was renewed in 2011, following the Revolution. The colours and symbols of the deposed Monarchy and Kingdom were similar to those represented in the Republics insignia, although all representations of the Crown and the Monarchy have been deposed of.

There are two versions of the Oceana flag:

State FlagEdit


Oceana State Flag

The State Flag is used at all official government venues and events during times of peace. It is considered the recognised flag by other states.

The flag consists of the Coat of Arms of Oceana laid upon the Navy Blue and Gold gyronny National Flag. It represents the unity of Land and Sea as they each point towards the state of oceana as depicted by the Coat of Arms.


The Common Flag

The National Flag or Common FlagEdit

The Common Flag is used for civic purposes and by the citizens. In this way it is seen at social events, in private houses and buildings and on most exported goods.

The flag is represented by a Navy Blue and Gold gyronny, without the Coat of Arms of Oceana.

National AnthemEdit

For a long time, the new state of Oceana Lacked a National Anthem. The adoption eventually of "Wee March to Glaschu" was perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics in the 2011 transitional parliament and was one of the major instances of the triumph of the NRP minority over the Government.