The Rules of Procedure are the guiding document of all activities of the Parliament of Oceana. The complete document can be found and downloaded at

You can view the Rules of Procedure (fullscreen) from this link:

Work on these Rules of Procedure for the Parliament of Oceana began on 30 June 2011 and was completed on 7 November 2011. After months of deliberation and conscientious effort from the dedicated commitment of a special committee tasked with the creation of these Rules of Procedure. Drawing influence from the Standing Orders and Rules of Procedure of a number of contemporary states and nations, these Rules are as much a homage to democracy as they are an experimentation into the mechanisms of the Parliamentary politics.

It is the hope of the authors that the long hours of research and debate over the content of these Rules will allow the Parliament of Oceana to perform with efficiency and achieve peace and prosperity for the people of the Republic of Oceana. These are the Rules that will guide the Parliament during its most exuberant eras and its darkest hours. These are the first ever Rules of Procedure for the Parliament of Oceana.

These Rules of Procedure were authored by an independent special committee chaired by Jani Helle. The membership of this committee was as follows:

Jani Helle, Alec Brasier, Ciara McAvoy, Pasi Autio and Andrew Foster

With thanks to Tiia Hurri and Matthew Sweeney