After only one term as a Green representative Daniel Mackay was elected President on the 23rd March 2013 and took office on the 27th May 2013. May God have mercy on our souls. 


Not much is know about him before the 2012 elections other than that he had spent time travelling and wherever he has been people still talk of him, as he never paid for any of the expensive bills he racked up. Whatever secret tricks he learnt while on the road were put to good use during the revolution where he talked around many of King Tiervan's loyal soldiers. If for no other reason than listening to his incoherent ramblings about treehouses made them give up the will to fight.

Time as a representativeEdit

As member of Green Oceana and in the government he championed many key bills including the setting up of a dedicated office within the justice department to deal with environmental crimes. An office so zealous that it made people nostalgic for King Tiervan's secret police. Although having a relatively minor position in the Cabinet he appeared to wield much more power than the Leader of Green Oceana. Although he is a gifted speaker, he does acknowledge his typing skills need work; and his legislative skills, and his table manners, and his shoe-lace tying skills and so on

Time as PresidentEdit

Although he has just started his term it looks promising for this new president.