There are currently five political parties in the Republic of Oceana, and were established in the aftermath of the first parliament. The first parliament was made up of the first two official parties; New Republican Party and Old Republican Party.

Political Parties of OceanaEdit

Political Party Established Defunct Ideology
New Republican Party (NRP) 2011 2012 Centre-Left
Old Republican Party (ORP) 2011 2012 Centre-Right
United Oceana (UO) 2011 - Liberal conservatism
Oceana Socialist Party (OSP) 2012 - Socialism
Democratic Alliance of Oceana (DAO) 2012 - Liberalism
Oceana National Party (ONP) 2012 2012 Nationalism, Right-wing populism
Green Oceana (GO!) 2012 - Green politics
[logo] Forward Oceana(FO) 2012 - Nationalism, right-wing populism

History of Political Parties in OceanaEdit

Between 1768 and 2011, political parties had been illegal, and none officially existed. The absolute government by the crown blocked their creation, or else brutally dismantled any attempts at formation.

Little is known of the parties and groups which existed in the Parliamentary period of Oceana's history, but it is believed that some excavation into the nations archives may unearth new details which have been so far suppressed by the Monarchical establishement. These documents are readily available to any scholar in the Archives of Glaschu University.

The Old and New Republican PartiesEdit

Officially established in September 2011, these are the two main parties of the state. Both emerged in the revolutionary era of King Tiervan as opposition to the power of the crown.

The more conservative Old Republican Party (ORP) was the first of these two groups and was, in the pre-revolution era, generally progressive rather than revolutionary. It aimed towards reforming the Crown and forcing it to rescind powers and grant greater civil liberties. It was considered by many, at first, as the most secure and reasonable method to remove royal control and give the country back to the people.

Emerging from the leaders of the revolution, the New Republican Party (NRP) is a more left-wing influence in the politics of the New Republic. As the "New Republican Order", it was the leaders of this party which oversaw and managed the revolutionary forces under the leadership of Jani Helle and Andrew Foster. Once established as a poiltical party, however, it willingly surrendered power to the people and now exists as the direct rival of the ORP.

Other PartiesEdit

There are currently five parties in the First Parliament: United Oceana, Oceana Socialist Party, Democratic Alliance of Oceana, Oceana National Party, Green Oceana.