Panurgus I Bladnoch (7 August 1422 - 8 December 1481), popularly known as Panurgus the Black in Oceana and MacDubh in Marpesia due to his dark hair and the fearsome reputation he developed as a warrior, was King of Oceana from 1456 to 1481. He took the throne by defeating King Turbo V at the Battle of Starybridge, ending the final conflict of the period of strife in Oceana known as the Tyranny of the Barons. After coming to power, Panurgus swiftly eliminated rival claimants to the throne, destroying much of the power of families such as the Traquairs, the Wychwoods, the Marstons and the Bryncelyns who had ruled at various points during the Tyranny.

Despite the ruthlessness in eliminating his rivals at the beginning of his reign, he was viewed by contemporaries as a good king, ending the chaos and destruction that had often plagued the Oceanan countryside whilst the various wars of the Tyranny raged on, bringing law and order to Oceana. He soundly beat both Neustrian raiders and Marpesian invaders early in his reign, allowing for a long period of relative peace and prosperity, and became known for his highly developed sense of justice.