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Green Oceana is a political party established in 2012 before the 2012 parliamentary elections. In line with green political thought, the party does not have a party leader, but rather multiple co-spokespersons who speak collectively for the party. Green Oceana currently has three representatives in parliament. In October 2012, it became part of the Coalition Government consisting of the Greens, the OSP, and the DAO.

2012 party platformEdit

The 2012 party platform read as follows:

Our party aims to build a green Oceana, one that lives in solidarity with other people, with future generations, and with the environment. This can also be expressed as three types of equality: inter- and intra-societal equality, intergenerational equality, and ecological equality, the understanding that the natural environment has value both intrinsically, and as a resource to be used sustainably.

As a consequence, we believe in nonviolent means of conflict resolution whenever possible, we believe in democracy as a means of decision-making, both within the party and without, and we believe that respect for each other is the means by which we will build Oceana's brighter, greener future.

Therefore, important issues in the 2012 election included green infrastructure projects, such as a Glaschu-Emporium high-speed rail line, the decommission of Oceana's sole nuclear power plant, modernizing Oceana's social services sector, protecting minority rights, and increasing international cooperation to achieve human rights goals.