The Emergency Public Order Act (O.B.7) was a bill passed by the Transitional Parliament in response to the November 2011 riots in Oceana. It was introduced by Prime Minister Anthony Lynam.

Text of the Act Edit


A bill ensuring the safety and freedom of the people of Oceana to peacefully protest, without violent intervention by government forces.

Article I – Right to Peaceful Protest Edit

Section 1 – The people have a right to peaceful protest;

Article II – Police Intervention Edit

Section 1 – Police may not intervene, unless violence ensues;

Section 2 – Prohibiting military intervention;

Section 3 – Emergency services may be present to assist citizens when necessary in event of injury or emergency;

Article III – National Disarmament Edit

Section 1 – Calls upon all fire arms to be handed in to secure locations, no questions asked;

Section 2 – Create a national gun registry in order to maintain stability and protect citizens as well as aiding the police force;

Section 3 – Calls for future legislation on gun ownership and regulation to further clarify and enforce Arms Laws;

Article IV – Non-Lethal Police Armament Edit

Section 1 – Calls upon the police to carry non-lethal weapons rather than lethal with a view to complete police disarmament in the future, except for SWAT units.