There are numerous castles, forts and cathedrals around Oceana, many of them long neglected and in ruins.

Name Type Date Condition Location Notes Picture
Abertatio Castle Baronial house Preserved Levingstoun The Royal Residence
Fort Bade Fort Ruin Badenau Destroyed by flood in 1843
Beau Castle Courtyard castle Preserved Beaulieu
Bricstou Cathedral Cathedral Bricstou
Bastholm Cathedral Cathedral Bastholm
Fort Bygris Fort Bygris
Bismarkia Castle Castle Ruin Ovyn
Cadihou Castle Castle Ruin Cadihou
Corbie Cathedral Cathedral Partially in ruin Aquae Corbie
Der Castle Baronial house Der
Fort Donnoir Fortification and tower house Preserved Donnoir Used as a lighthouse
Dusarff Castle Ruin Dusarff
Fort Dragonia Ruin Elderfell Used by the University of Elderfell

Eblana Castle

Preserved Eblana
Fort Edin Tower house Preserved Dunedin In use as a lighthouse
Emporium Castle Preserved Emporium Seat of the Crown

Halcyona Castle

Ruin Alcyon
Fort Heather Ruin Lyngvik Scandian fort

Lengze Castle

Baronial house In private ownership Lengze A secluded castle-like baronial house

Fort Lon

Castle fortress Ruin Lonfordi
Lyn Castle Fortified Manor House Strathlynam
House of Morpheus Baronial house Preserved Lake Jura The Crown Residence in Marpesia

Panurgis Castle

Palace Preserved Panurgia The Crown Residence in Panopea
Passeleth Cathedral Cathedral Ruin Passeleth Oldest cathedral in Oceana
Fort Rex Fortification In use by Navy Portri
Fort Termon Fortification Abandoned Duntermon Used occasionally as a prison
Thessi Castle Baronial house Preserved The Royal Summer Palace
Tiervan Castle Baronial house Unfinished Levingstoun
House of Tiervan Baronial house Preserved Near Trindod The Royal Winter Palace
Trindod Castles Castle Preserved Trindod Made up of a castle and three forts. Used by the University of Trindod
Fort Vik Fort Ruin Vik Oldest fort in Oceana
Fort Viro Fort Ruin Viroborg

Castles in Oceana-GlaschuEdit

Fort BadeEdit

Fort Bade, built in the 16th century, was heavily damaged by a flood in the spring of 1843 which devastated the city of Badenau as the spring floods descended down the Hemisna River.

The fort now sits empty on xxxx island in the middle of the river as it runs through the city, a reminder of a bygone era.

Bismarkia Castle

Located high in the hills of the Oceana Highlands, above the river valley and the city of Ovyn, lies Bismarkia Castle. Often referred to as Oceana's "Fairytale Castle", the picturesque castle was built in 1794 by Lord Bismarkia.

Corbie CathedralEdit

The cathedral was built near the Roman baths.

Fort DonnoirEdit

Fort Donnoir is currently used by the Navy as a lookout tower and barracks overseeing the northern waterways towards the city of Glaschu.

Fort EdinEdit

Fort Edin sits on top of a hill overseeing the harbour of Dunedin and is used as a lighthouse.

Lengze CastleEdit

There is very little known about Lengze Castle and its secretive inhabitants. The baronial house, built in 1858 by Lord xxxx, 6th Baron of Lengze, sits on a small piece of land surrounded a bog. 

Fort LonEdit

Partially in ruins

Lyn CastleEdit

Fort TermonEdit

Built in 1305 and abandoned in 1842, Fort Termon has been used as a barracks, a training base, a prison, a weapons storage, and a schoolhouse. Currently the fort sits empty, overlooking Glaschu. The Duntermon Naval Academy is currently using parts of the fort for accommodation. There is some interest in turning the fort into a prison or a preserving it for tourism.

Castles in Oceana-EmporiumEdit

Abertatio CastleEdit

Built by King Aberdatio I in the 1830s. Located north of Emporium, Abertatio Castle was the Crown Residence.

Beau CastleEdit

Bricstou CathedralEdit

Cadihou CastleEdit

Built in the 1460s by King Panurgus I, Cadihou Castle is one of the oldest fully remaining castles in Oceana.

Der CastleEdit

Emporium CastleEdit

Built by King Turbo the Conqueror after his arrival in Oceana in 1103. Located on a hill overseeing the city, a

Halcyona CastleEdit

Passeleth CathedralEdit

Built by King Turbo the Conqueror in 1109, the cathedral now sits in ruins, having been destroyed by Neustrian forces in the 1820s

Fort RexEdit

Fort Rex is the largest garrison in east Oceana.

Thessi CastleEdit

Located on the island of Thessi south-east of Passeleth, Thessi Castle was built in the 17th Century and was the Royal Summer Palace.

Tiervan CastleEdit

The newest castle in Oceana, work on the castle located just north of Emporium commenced in 1982. Criticized for its spiralling costs, the grand castle was finished in 1997.

Castles in MarpesiaEdit

Fort BygrisEdit

Fort Bygris

Fort HeatherEdit

Fort Heather

House of Morpheus Edit

Constructed by Morpheus the Marpesian just a few years prior to he's ascention to the Oceanan Crown in 1580, the House of Morpheus, as the Castle has come to be known, lies on an island in the middle of Lake Jura in the highlands of Marpesia.

Vik CastleEdit

Possibly the oldest castle in Oceana, Vik Castle incorporates elements of an earlier fortification built by the Scandians.

Castles in PanopeaEdit

Bastholm CathedralEdit

Eblana CastleEdit

Fort DragoniaEdit

Located by the coast near Elderfell Harbour, Fort Dragonia

The University of Elderfell was granted ownership of the Fort in 1923.

Panurgis CastleEdit

Panurgis Castle was built by King Panurgus as the Crown Residence in Panopea.

Fort ViroEdit

Built in 1038, Fort Viro stands high above the city of Viroborg,

Castles in CynopeaEdit

Dusarff CastleEdit

House of TiervanEdit

Built by King Tiervan in 1968, the House of Tiervan was the Crown Residence in Cynopea, replacing the neglected baronial house built in the 17th century. The House of Tiervan was King Tiervan's Winter Palace.

Trindod CastleEdit

Trindod Castle is actually a collection of a castle and three forts, located on the northern coast of Cynopea and on the three islands just north of Trindod, which the city takes its name from. . The castles take their names from four strong families which, after centuries of fighting, joined forces to fight Panopea and Oceana in the 8th century. The Castle on the mainland

The University of Trindod was granted ownership of the castles by King Abertatio in 1890, after the castles had fallen into disrepair, with the agreement that the University would preserve them. Today the University uses Castle Trindod as its main building, having extended the campus significantly. The three forts are partially used by the University for various purposes.

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