Aberdatio I Cardhu-Barbaresco (12 January 1804 - 17 October 1859), popularly known as Aberdatio the Industrious, (Marpesian: Abertraigh a Feirgniamh) was King of Oceana from 4 August 1829 until his death in 1859.

Following his cousin Queen Hermertia II to the throne, who died in childbirth, Aberdatio inherited a country that was in relative economic decline and losing badly in the War of the Venetan Gulf. After suing for peace following the sack of Levingstoun and Portri by the Zeelanders, Aberdatio began a program of economic reform aimed to drag Oceana into the Industrial Age and prevent further military humiliations. Together with his advisors Andrew Carlyle and Thomas MacThorne, he formulated a program that included freeing the serfs, road, rail, and canal building, industrial protection, and the founding of the Oceana Central Bank, and its subsidiary the Oceanan Industrial Development Bank, in 1836 in order to lend to industry and government. This program was largely successful, kickstarting Oceana's Industrial Revolution and reversing what seemed like a terminal decline in Oceanan fortunes.